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Senses:7, An Art Exhibition

As the 15th Asian Art Biennial of Bangladesh rolls out in December 2012, Dhaka Art Center has collaborated with different artists and curators to organize an exhibition that will compliment the Biennial.

The exhibition is called Senses:7
December 1 to December 10, 2012.

In this exhibition we have selected 7 different spaces within Dhaka Art Center and invited the selected participants to explore it. Outsider art, video art, architecture, photography, audio installations, process based art and other installations will be showcased.

We will also host two special events during this exhibition. A performance art show will be taking place on the 3rd of December. This show will be presented by YAPPRI art initiative. And a special experimental process based art event called “Planned Murder” by Kehkasha Sabah will be in progress from the 1st to 7th December.

We hope to see you during the exhibition. And please share our event with your fellow art lovers.


Artist Profile

We request all of the painters to email their detail information with updated contact info at dhaka.art.

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Sumana Akter
Nasima Khan

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